BAXS Accuracy System and Slide-Lock Technology With the SIG Sauer SP2022

A portion of this description of the gun is from our website, following that; I would like to share with you some information I’ve gathered from other gamers and a few other articles.

SIG SAUER SP2022 CO2 Pistol

Description: This is a semi-automatic SIG SAUER SP 2022 with a full metal slide. With Sig Sauer Trademarks etched onto the slide. It shoots up to 380 fsp by using a CO2 cartridge. You can also get up to 250 shots off one cartridge. There are many advanced features including upgraded power and performance, realistic weight, integrated slide-lock technology AND the patented BAXS accuracy system to make this one of the most realistic Airsoft pistols available today.

Full Metal Slide

FPS: Up to 380 fps

Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds

Power Range: 131 ft.

Semi-Auto CO2

BAXS Accuracy System

How does the BAXS System compare to Hop Up?

A traditional hop up system (a system that allows the user to adjust the accuracy of their airsoft gun) only has two points of contact: top and bottom, which still allows the gun to shoot the BB left or right.

The BASX system has three points of contact: two on the top and one on the bottom that spreads the weight of the BB evenly. It also improves accuracy by putting a backspin on the BB as it exits the barrel for maximum effective range and a straighter shooting trajectory.

Many airsoft players have complaints regarding the pull of a gun to the right or left. This BAXS system should remove that problem. Here is what a few had to say regarding this gun.

“I love this gun! It is great! I’m a more experienced player from paintball, airsoft, and target shooting with real weapons. I have several rifles. This makes a great secondary weapon. The weight and feel of this gun is very similar to the real thing. I LOVE IT!”

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