Women’s Self Defense Do’s and Don’ts

Women’s self defense is a serious endeavor. Some women think they can take care of themselves and some can. But if you are a man or a woman there are some situations that nobody can handle. You can take women’s self defense to learn skills that might save your life or you can polish the skills you already have. Some people need to learn what dangers are out there and how to avoid them, while others just need to get a refresher on what they have already learned. There are new tips and advice coming out daily on the internet and being introduced at women’s self defense seminars around the world. The courses are full of information that will protect yourself from injury both physical and emotional and even death.

Here is some of the newest information on women’s self defense is what exactly are men looking for in a victim. The first thing a man looks for in a female victim is clothing. They will look for a woman whose clothing is easily removed for a sexual assault. Short skirts are a magnet because the man only has to lift the skirt to get to the target. Other things include a low cut blouse or a t-shirt.

The most accessible clothing for the attacker is over alls. The straps can easily be cut and the entire outfit can be jerked down for easy access. The next thing women’s self defense advise about in the hairstyle of the victim. They will either go after a woman in a pig tail or a braid that can be easily grabbed to hold the woman down or to direct her head. They are more likely to go after long hair than a woman in short hair. The long hair is easier to grab and use to cause pain and to direct the rest of the woman’s body where the assailant wants it to go.

What you are doing can also zero you as a target. A woman walking done the street talking in her cell phone and digging through her pocket book is not really paying attention to what is going on around her. This type of woman is an easy target because she can be easily caught of guard and attacked from behind. You have to be aware of your surroundings and be able to react before an attacker is upon you. If you are preoccupied with other things you will not be able to see where the attack is coming from.

Other women’s self-defense tips include confronting the potential attacker head on. If you feel that someone is following you, turn around and ask him the time or ask him directions. Once you have seen his face, the attacker will probably change their mind because you have seen their face and can identify them in a line up. Most of the potential attackers will leave you alone if you just walk up and confront them. These and other women’s self defense tips are out there. By a book, search the internet, or take a women’s self defense class. Any information will be worth it to protect you in a world of potential predators.

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